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Off of one of my daily webcomics I got a link for Tales of MU a story which involved a young woman entering her first year at a magical university. Looked interesting so I kept reading and realized it is so much more. Imagine Harry Potter crossed with Ann Rice's Sleeping Beauty series. Throw in lots of geeky D&D refferences and that's what Tales of Mu is like.
It's a series story with chapters near daily. It was orignialy posted here on LJ but now has it's own website.
Check it out

Bloodties Fanfic

I started writing a fanfic about what Vicki was dreaming about while they were waiting for the Incubus to show up in the last episode called "Love Hurts".  This is just a start.  Please comment with feedback.  Thanks.

Disclaimer:  I do not own any of these characters.  They all belong to the writer of Bloodties.  Alas, as much as I would like to own Kyle Schmid and the character Henry Fitzroy they are not mine.  *sigh*  Vicki is not mine either, but maybe some day she will be Henry's!  ;)

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Social_Siren aka Kyle's Kitten


Hi there, I am an honorered, very good friend of Smokin_man and Tigerlady (((((GGGRRRRR))))) and just wanted to say hi to everyone and looking forward to getting to know everyonyone (intimately) over time. I want to thank everyone in advance for the warm welcomes that I am sure to recieve ;) I am SOOO looking forward to reading about everyones past adventures and possiblely adding a few of my own modest fun times. But most of all what I want to do is thank Smokin_Man and Tigerlady(GGGRRRRR)))) for being my "BEST FRIENDs", a person could ever have and support system over the last couple of years. These 2 are amazing, giving people. I just want to make that absolutely clear. these 2 are the greatest. (((with a tear in my eye)))

OK, enough KISS ASS, (i wiss I could kiss Tigerlady's ass) and anything else that Smokin_man will allow me to kiss($100 under the table).

OK, back to the serious, just looking forward to some stimulating conversation between good friends, and humbly hope that I can be acctepted into your closed nit family. If the people in this group are anything like Smokin_man and Tigerlady(GGGRRRRR) then I will fell right at home.

Smokin_Man and TigerLady, thank you for being there for me in the past and I hope that I can always be there for you... no matter what... to change a light bulb or rebuild a fench. I am only a phone call away. A L W A Y S.
I am there for you. (reciprocation excepted, but not required )

Smokin_Man's and TigerLady's friends are my friends, and I hope to make a lot more friends.

Most modestly sincerely,

Test Post...(posted to anguisettes community-Public settings)

I am attempted to test who can & can not read this entry into "anguisettes." I know Social Siren stated she attempted to "lock down" her posts... so I'm trying to figure it out too.

Please bear with me on the experiment. I am posting directly from the anguisettes page and setting the Options: Security: to "Friends." At the bottom of the post it also asks where I want to post it - it says "Post to:" and I chose "anguisettes" from the list. So... Theorically, only people that are "friends" in the community ~should~ be able to see this post.

Comment here to let me know if you can read this & if you are or are not a member of the community. Your assistance is appreciated.

Thanks a million!


Edit: I think I've got it now - post your stories while inside the community page & then lock it to "Friends." on the Security setting at the bottom. I logged out & could only read stuff that had NOT been listed as "friends only". There were a couple of posts that *anyone* can see if they know to look for this community. Please go back & edit your posts and reset the security to "friends" so that kids under age 18 can't read this stuff. Thanks! -TL.
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